1st Ave to Venables
Vancouver, British Columbia

Parade of the Lost Souls
Grandview Park in Vancouver
October 28, 2006

Imagine thousands of cheerful souls emerging from the foggy shadows on a crisp autumn night. These willing spirits have come together to honour the dearly departed, and to celebrate the splendour of life. Parade of the Lost Souls is an energetic celebration of the circle of life and death, and of facing fears in order to live life to its fullest.

The homes, streets and alleyways around Commercial Drive and Grandview Park are the stage. The audience are the actors. Skeleton brides, sacred witches, poltergeists, hobgoblins, pixies, mischievous banshees, kelpies, chimeras, fiends and ogres, golem, druj and loki - mingle side-by-side with everyday people.

Then under the light of the moon, processions of costumed stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers and musicians, lead spectators on a captivating journey through the neighbourhood. The evening’s grand finalé features breathtaking performances of fire dancing, and crowd-pleasing fireworks to capture the imaginations of audiences young and old.

Official Website: http://www.publicdreams.org/event_details.html?day=28&month=10&year=2006

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I'm excited they are closing down Commercial for this event this year, glad to see it's back!!