455 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Shelbono Barracuda del Monte ....real name (Sheldon, Sidney LeRock) was born in a desolate lumber/mining town in the northern regions of Canada. Shelbono needed to seek out new opportunities, however, so he moved on to Windsor (near Detroit). However, Shelbonos story is not like everyone else that comes from Windsor/Detroit. Living in that area is what sparked an interest but it wasnt until he made his move to Toronto that the fire was lit.

Never a DJ, Shelbono performed live for many years and started producing more, incorporating his own distinct influences. This distinct sound, borrowed from post rock and mininalist styles, soon developed to reflect his ah!... natural behaviours and preferences.

Under the aliases of PAN/TONE, Gringo Grinder, Shelbono Barracuda del Monte has revealed a compositional style that blends techno+rock (Rockno), a sound that destroys dancefloors and compliments the "whiskey in hand" idea.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/wantedthursdays

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