30 Hotaling Place, Lower Level
San Francisco, California 94111

A panel discussion with speakers exploring the problems created for the contemporary artist seeking an authentic involvement with his/her art in a trend-based, market-driven art world.

• Peter Selz: Curator, Author and Professor Emeritus of the History of Art at UC Berkeley

• Francis Mill: Director, Hackett Freedman Gallery

• Gina Werfel: Painter, Chair of Art and Art History Department, UC Davis

• Hearne Pardee: Painter, Art Critic, Professor of Art, UC Davis

• Laura Harden: Photographer, Director, San Francisco Studio School

On November 29, 2007 at the San Francisco Studio School a distinguished panel will discuss the topic, “Values in Art Today: The Commoditization of Art and its Significance to the Authentic Artist.” The speakers will discuss the difficulties facing the artist seeking independent thought and depth of meaning versus fashion and trend-based careerism in today’s art world. The current view of the artist as a celebrity rather than an authentic mediator of aesthetic vision to society will be considered. The marketing of art stars, retrospective exhibitions for emerging artists and the difficulties museums have in vying with collectors for artwork will be the basis for the discussion. The fact that art schools often emphasize art as a career rather than a calling will be confronted in terms of its ultimate affect on the quality of discourse in the contemporary art world. Lon Clark, Dean of the San Francisco Studio School, will moderate the discussion.

The SF Studio School adopts a dissenting view to careerism in art today, stressing a concentrated, full-immersion program designed to deepen each participant’s understanding of his/her discipline while confronting the issue of authenticity in his/her practice. For further information please visit the San Francisco Studio School website at www.sfstudioschool.org.

Official Website: http://www.sfstudioschool.org

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