UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94704

Join us for a Town Hall meeting at UC Berkeley!

I’m coming to the East Bay to meet Pandora listeners. This free event, open to the public, is my chance to hear from you in person and share with you our story – where the Music Genome Project came from, how the company got started (seven years ago), how we survived the dot-com collapse and what this last whirlwind year has been like as we approach 4 million listeners. Most of all I’d like to get your ideas and thoughts about the service and where you think music is headed.

I've held a number of these over the past few months, so if you’re curious, have a look at our blog where I’ve been writing up recaps of the events.

I’ll also have some Pandora gear for everyone. You can RSVP by replying to this email ([email protected]). Hope to see you there!

Tim (Founder)

Official Website: http://www.pandora.com

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For clarification Heller Lounge is in the MLK Student Union which is right in front of Telegraph.


For further clarification: Tim Westergren is the most handsome CEO in technology today.