197 East 17th Avenue (@ Main Street)
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 1

Vancouver: June 24: the Panambient Potluck

Discounted admission with a potluck dish
$5-$15 sliding |
3-11 PM

The Konspiracy Group presents Pan Ambient Potluck, an afternoon of
mass chillage, good vibes, and delectable treats. Aural senses will be
delighted with an offer of lush ambient, from local, national, and
international talent. Bring a dish, lay down and be counted, and enjoy
the summer, Blim style.

3-4 PM: Evilbear 2 × 4 (Kuma & Eve)
4-5 PM: Gnosis (HQ Communication)
5-6 PM: Lee Hutzulak (Leisure Thief) & Dave Sikula (Drip Audio)
6-7 PM: X41 (Geek Music) & special guest
7-8 PM: Coin Gutter (Vanity Records) & Nuthre (Panospria)
8-9 PM: Nuthre
9-10 PM: Gunshae (The Konspiracy Group) & Lee Hutzulak (Leisure Thief)
10-11 PM: Gel-Sol (Seattle/DC)

Photography by Rachel Ruby-Wesley

Visuals by PixelWrangler

Massage by SuperRelaxMassage

More Info available at:

Official Website: http://www.thekonspiracygroup.com/panambient.html

Added by Kuma on June 4, 2006