2637 Welton St
Denver, Colorado 80205

Pan Astral brings a unique synthesis of experimental rock and electronic music together with an innovative songwriting style. Gabriel's soaring vocals are interwoven through each song in a low profile fashion that allows refreshing space for the instruments to shine through. Tad uses his guitar to layer tasteful, subtle melodies over the rich soundscape of Ryan's lap steel and Gabriel's synthesizer, while Kipp's bass injects it with a high energy pulse of low end. Mike's driving drumming style brings it all together, focusing Pan Astral's infectious sound. Lyrically, Gabriel invokes stories and landscapes that leads the listener's imagination to an underwater love scene in one song or an abstract childhood memory in another. The band's performances are inspired in a way that lift the soul and foot alike and are sure to lead any room of listeners into their etherial world of lost and found lovers, disturbed temp workers, and invisible friends.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/events/378453085534180/

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