2 Eucalyptus Drive
American Canyon, California 94503

Paintballr 2.0 Beta RC2

Codename: Deliverance
Sat April 14, 2007 - 11am
American Canyon Paintball Jungle


Paintballr is ON this Saturday. Details at http://paintballr.pbwiki.com. Rock and/or roll!

The What
After a successful trial run last month, The Mehrshad and friends are continuing Paintballr with the 2.0 Beta RC2 build. This time, it'll be bigger, it'll be outdoors, and it'll be personal.

Again, the more people we have, the funner (and cheaper, which makes it even funner-er) it'll be. Equipment will be provided and it doesn't matter if you've played before - hint: the objective is to avoid getting hit by the flying paint. By the end of the affair, we'll all be tired, we'll all be sweaty, and we'll all have great stories to share. That, and there will be beer.

For all those who don't own a car, or as my friend once said "all the eco-babies who don't want to drive," we will carpool.

Shoot back a 'yea' or 'nay' to [email protected], or add yourself to the guest list. Got friends you want to bring along? The more the merrier.

The How Much?
Yet to be calculated, but it won't be more than $50. This will include:
* Marker (aka gun)
* Mask
* Paint
* Red Bull/Beer
* Gauze and splints Potato chips

Again, more people = cheaper fare. It could get down to $20-30/person if we rally enough folks. So send this along.
If cost is an issue, we can probably accommodate. Let me know...

cheers, -m
[email protected]

Official Website: http://paintballr.pbwiki.com

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