301 Chicon, Unit F
Austin, Texas 78702

Paige Moore will have a one night show of her figurative paintings on

Saturday September 15th from 7-11pm
at the
Austin Figurative Gallery
301 Chicon, Unit F, ATX 78702

Paige has been painting with the Austin Figurative Project so I've gotten to watch her paint. She has a calm, almost careless way of painting that eases it's way upon the subject. Her colors are bright and well resolved. Like a good math student she shows her work. Her process of building the image with loose but correct brushstrokes is all there for you to see and adds to the sense of familiarity her paintings give off. It seems a bit like you know her already when you see one of her paintings because of her directness and lack of affectation.


Official Website: http://austinfigurativegallery.com

Added by David O on August 6, 2007