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Urban adventure race

There are three race options for our teams: The Oyster (traditional course with men’s, women’s and co-ed divisions), 6 Pack (the traditional course, but designed for 6-person teams like corporations or team building exercises. Three people are on the course at any given time while three rest, rehydrate and strategize) and the Family Fun Division (a shorter course consisting of 3-4 legs and 10-15 miles) .

Q: What is the Oyster Racing Series (ORS)?
A: The Oyster Racing Series (ORS) is the ultimate urban adventure race. The race tests the body and the mind in the urban jungle. It has been described by competitors as Survivor meets The Amazing Race.

Q: What is an urban adventure race?
A: An urban adventure race is the same idea as a wilderness eco race, but set in a city. The same disciplines are utilized: running, biking, hiking, floating, etc., but in an urban atmosphere. Specifically, this race will circumnavigate a major city and encompass many of its attractions and sporting locales.

Q: Who competes?
A: Anyone may compete in the ORS, from weekend warriors to elite athletes and everyone in between. There are men’s, women’s and coed teams, each made up of 3 people + an optional 1 support person. Plus, we offer corporate and family divisions.

Q: What types of activities are there?
A: There are a number of different disciplines that each team will participate in – creeking & rafting, urban trekking, running, biking, navigation, and in-line skating. Plus, there might be some surprises. Past surprises have included repelling, stair climbing and riding public transportation.

Q: Where does the race go?
A: The race will begin and end at a central location in your designated city. The rest of the course will be disclosed to racers as they begin the race and complete each subsequent leg of the race. For more information about past courses please see the Course Description on the ORS website.

Q: How long will it take?
A: That depends on the team, their endurance, strength, conditioning, navigational skills and determination. The course is designed to take the average weekend warrior approximately 4 – 8 hours to complete. Some teams may complete the course faster, and some may take longer. The course will be “swept” at the 8-hour mark.

Q: What is a “Weekend Warrior”?
A: We have defined the “Weekend Warrior” as an athlete who does moderate workouts during the week and enjoys competing and testing his/her endurance levels in a variety of events on the weekend. This may consist of partaking in a 10k run, an Olympic distance triathlon, a 1-2 hour mountain bike ride with buddies, and/or a full day of hiking or skiing. A “Weekend Warrior” in most cases, has NOT competed in an urban adventure race. If you are reading this, you are likely the “Weekend Warrior” whom this event targets.

Official Website: http://www.oysterracingseries.com/Portland-Home/home.aspx

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