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Cycling for the greater good...

From the broadcast email that got sent out:

"On December 8th weve organised a treasure hunt style alleycat event.
The Shelter Shop Alleycats aim is to stock the shelves of our local
homeless shelter just for fun. Turning up to this event will make you
feel like a hero. Instead of battling through the Christmas crowds in
the hope of finding that last pair of Finding Nemo socks for your
Gran, youll be battling the forces of blinkered festive consumerism
for people whod actually appreciate the extra warmth a pair of 100%
wool Finding Nemo sock can bring. You see the idea makes you feel
more heroic already. So where do you need to be. Well youll be given
an envelope of instructions from Sim on Broad Street at 2pm and the
clock will stop when you check in with Lydia at a secret location
later that afternoon. Therell be prizes for the best bike dressed as
Christmas tree, and maybe a bonus if youre dressed as a fairy atop
fore mentioned bike, but really were majoring on the giving, and
youll sleep through December 24th safe in the knowledge youre a
hero (as well as being really really excited about santa coming. A
perfect combination of feelings me thinks).

Check http://www.myspace.com/oxfordalleycat for the full scoop "

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/oxfordalleycat

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