56 Walton Street
Oxford, England OX2 6AE

Oxford Geek Nights offer a chance for web developers and designers in the local area to get together, share their skills and talk about new ideas, techniques and technologies.

The debut event draws ever closer, this coming Wednesday (7th Febuary) at the Jericho Tavern! The doors to the upstairs bar will open at 8pm and the talks will then start at about 8:30.

We have a fantastic line-up for the evening including two 15 minute keynotes on very different subjects. Simon Willison gives an introduction to OpenID followed by Olly Willans demonstrating the latest version of Photoshop - Photoshop CS3.

The microslots (a collection of 5 minute talks) cover a wide range of exciting topics. The first set of 6 covers content management, frameworks and statistics, the second set explores maps, mashups, JavaScript and accessibility.

Microslot set one
* Tom Dyson - Peastat
* Jonathan Leighton - Ruby On Rails Migrations
* Tim Almond - Wordpress as a CMS
* Gemma Hentsch - Concatenating forms, a Django extension
* Garrett Coakley - Drupal 5
* JP Stacey - Building an ultra thin CMS with XSL and Atom

Microslot set two
* Nick Birch - New Popular Edition Maps
* Artem Pavlenko - Map rendering engine
* Natalie Downe - The importance of permalinks in unobtrusive JavaScript
* Bryan Gullan - Avoiding accessibility pitfalls
* James Wheare - Oxford bus times, a Google maps mashup

There will also be plenty of time in between the talks for socialising and drinking at the upstairs bar.

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Supported by Torchbox (http://www.torchbox.com/). Please see the event website for more information including a map to the venue and a signup for email updates of the event.

Official Website: http://oxford.geeknights.net/2007/february-7th/

Added by nataliedowne on January 22, 2007



yay! :D


Looking forward to it. I'll be coming all the way from Brighton!


Top idea! Fingers crossed I can make it :)


Oh dear here come the nerves...


I usually just imagine everyone wearing large viking helmets, that works.


This looks interesting, I'll pop down. I'm driving from Northampton - does anyone around here need a lift?


Bum :( Missed it :( Was late getting in thanks to the legendary Oxford roadworks and couldn't get parked up anywhere remotely close. Sorry, hope it was super great and stuff.


Great night! Thanks for organising it. I'm looking forward to the next one.


Brilliant night, I enjoyed that a lot.