56 Walton Street
Oxford, England OX2 6AE

The geek nights are a way for local web developers, designers, programmers, neophiles or geeks of any other stripe to get together, chat, drink and listen to talks on new technologies and innovations.

OGN5 will see another eclectic mix of keynote and microslot talks, presented to the geekier denizens of Oxford and the surrounding shires. The keynotes will be:

* Rufus Pollock, executive director of the Open Knowledge Foundation and economics research fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge; and his lovely assistant Nate Olson
* Denise Wilton, creative director at Moo, co-designer of the Nathan Barley site, and partly responsible for anarchic online forum b3ta

Microslots are five-minute talks that anyone can volunteer to make. They can be on your pet project, an event you're organizing, or an idea you've had about anything that might concern fellow geeks.

Currently we have four slots filled, with a couple more in the pipeline:

* Icon design explained, by Jon Hicks
* Network philanthropy: what Web 2.0 can do for social progress, by Philippe Bradley
* Mapstraction, by Marc Metten
* The LLL, by Christian Rayner
* Going viral: patterns found and lessons learned when traffic goes crazy, by Andrew Chapman
* Developing the Carbon Account, by Tom Dyson

Fancy a go at a microslot? It's easy enough. If you're tempted then let us know here:


OGN5 will be in the Jericho Tavern, Oxford from 7.30pm on Wednesday 6 February.

Hopefully see you on the night.

(OGN5 is a FREE event, kindly sponsored by Torchbox, Google and Friends of Ed.)

Official Website: http://oxford.geeknights.net/2008/feb-6th/

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If anyone's thinking about going for a microslot - you should totally do it. The time slot is such that there's no reason/time to worry about, and if nothing else you can present to a friendly bunch of folks. Go for it!


As a 16 year old, is there any reason why I couldn't or shouldn't attend?


If you can get into the pub, then no reason whatsoever *:)


@sandig: I think we've had 17-year-olds turn up in the past. Not sure what the JT's licence stipulates, but as long as you don't actually order an alcoholic drink I wouldn't be surprised if there's no problems.


Looking forward to this one, couldn't get to the last two. Also we're hiring, so if you're someone who is passionate about web application development, about not just the code that gets written, but the way it's done. Standards and working with an open source stack. Would like to work in a small company (4 people) then send me a note and let's chat on the night.