56 Walton Street
Oxford, England OX2 6AE

The geek nights are a way for local web developers, designers, programmers, neophiles or geeks of any other stripe to get together, chat, drink and listen to talks on new technologies and innovations.

Each OGN consists of two keynote talks of 15 minutes each. There are also frenetic bursts of socialising, sometimes adverts for other local groups, but always interspersed with two sets of 5-minute-long microslot sessions.

= Keynotes =

Keynote speakers are invited to talk at Oxford Geek Nights. OGN17 will feature:

* GPL: not very dangerous really, by Andrew Katz, partner at Moorcrofts LLP
* User centred design: be careful not to listen to everything your users say, by Rebecca Gill, head of customer insight at Bunnyfoot

= Microslots =

These are five-minute "lightning" talks that anyone can volunteer for. They're easy to do: pick something that excites you, or a project you've worked on that you think might be of interest; then talk to a friendly audience for just five minutes with a handful of slides. Submit your microslot and we'll see you on the night!


We'll be confirming microslots for OGN17 soon so sign up now! So far we've got:

* Twonky + smart box of tricks = £, by Jon Baxter
* YQL for your mashup, by David Sheldon
* Eventility - event and venue provenance, by Robin Brattel
* We Love Curry on Facebook, by Rob Salmon

The Oxford Geek Nights are FREE events, thanks to our regular sponsor Torchbox. OGN17 is also sponsored by Apress!

Official Website: http://oxford.geeknights.net/2010/apr-21st/

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