56 Walton Street
Oxford, England OX2 6AE

The geek nights are a way for local web developers, designers, programmers, neophiles or geeks of any other stripe to get together, chat, drink and listen to talks on new technologies and innovations.

== Keynotes ==

Our confirmed keynotes are:

* Accidental journalism: data, drugs, the Government, Timetric.com, and the Guardian, by Andrew Walkingshaw, co-founder, Inkling Software
* HTML 5 (tbc), by Bruce Lawson, Open Web Standards evangelist, Opera

== Microslots ==

These are five-minute "lightning" talks that anyone can volunteer for. They're easy to do: pick something that excites you, or a project you've worked on that you think might be of interest; then talk to a friendly audience for just five minutes with a handful of slides. Submit your microslot and we'll see you on the night!


Confirmed keynotes:

* Dorkbot Oxford, by Mike Harris
* Don't fear the hexdump, by Glyn Kennington
* A year with Google Web Toolkit, by David Maddison
* #DigitalBritain fail, by Marcus Povey
* A story about HTML emails with a beginning, a middle and a python, by Dave Cranwell
* The Guardian Open Platform in 5 minutes, by Michael Brunton-Spall

== Microslot ideas ==

Want something explained? Someone out there must know... maybe a microslot would help! Why not submit your idea for someone else's microslot?


(OGN13 is a FREE event, sponsored by Torchbox, Guardian Open Platform, Friends of Ed and Moo.)

Official Website: http://oxford.geeknights.net/2009/jul-15th/

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