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Dalton Publishing announces the release of Owen Egerton’s first collection of short stories How Best to Avoid Dying.

"If Franz Kafka had lived in central Texas and seen too many midnight movies, he would have been Owen Egerton. This is a divinely weird collection."
-- Neal Pollack

As the reputation of the Austin literary scene continues to grow, Owen Egerton’s work rockets through the forefront. Austin author and comic performer Owen Egerton (the Sinus Show, Plays Well with Others) has crafted a collection of dark, heartbreaking, and often laugh-out-loud stories exploring death and its slippery when wet loopholes.

Egerton’s writing harvests the comic energy and imagination he brings to the stage and film and lets the bounty pour forth on the open landscape of his rich fiction. Spelling bees turn deadly; Lazarus is living in modern day America and begging Jesus to reverse his miracle; a novelist becomes a celebrity not for writing, but for emptying his bowels on his worst critic’s waterbed.

His writing style sizzles with sharp humor and musical sentences, which reward the reader with revealing meditations on life’s ending chapter. And if this is the last thing you read, this is truly as satisfying a last meal as any mortal might request.

Official Website: http://owenegerton.socialmediapower.com

Added by Dalton Publishing on June 28, 2007

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