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In the past decade, Chicago's Mike Kinsella has played a variety of instruments in a handful of bands. Owen is his solo project

Unwed Sailor
Born in Seattle in 1998 at the tender age of intent, Unwed Sailor is helmed by Oklahoma-born songwriter Johnathon Ford. The basis for the instrumental project came into being while Ford was still writing with Seattle luminaries Roadside Monument. Pulling towards a bass guitar-oriented sound, the songs he had begun to craft did not fully feel right for Roadside Monument, thus the unbeknownst predestined forming of Unwed Sailor. Not aiming for Unwed Sailor to fall into the regular confines of a typical band, Ford's ever evolving cast and crew has been tirelessly composed over the years of good friends and company. Throughout the past decade, Unwed Sailor has shared the stage with the likes of Pedro the Lion, Mary Timony, The Danielson Famile, Sufjan Stevens, Early Day Miners, Minus the Bear, The Advantage, The Starlight Mints, Battles, and Mates of State(just to name a few....). The band has since been relocated and based out of cities across the United States, including Chicago, Seattle, Washington D.C., Jackson MS, Little Rock, AR, and most recently Lawrence, KS. With over 14 US tours and four in Europe, the band has traveled almost as much as it has evolved.

Brooke Waggoner
"...her music infuses a fresh sound that is both fun and ingenious. Each song has musical surprises with an orchestra that adds color to the album’s authenticity. Brooke definitely has an ear for creativity, which is not limited by commercialism or radio. She brings back the artsy style that was seen in music’s history while making her own mark." - American Chronicle

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