563 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Good ol' Ben "Bullshit" Metcalfe will be coming to town and is interested in meeting up with Brat Pack 2.0's rebel rousers. He's the fella who stood up to... "address" Mena at Les Blogs and in his spare time, earns pounds at the BBC.

In addition, we'll be talking plans for Indie Film Camp: Enric's camp on introducing and involving the Independent Film community in net syndication, promotion and distribution of their works. Come on by and join the conversation!

Added by factoryjoe on February 22, 2006



For IndieFilmCamp, we'll be strategizing, brainstorming and planning the coming event. Items like location, dates, etc.



yeah, but will there be a backchannel?


Sure. But we won't make the mistake of projecting it :)


I think I am headed to Santa Barbara for the weekend - but if my plans change - I wil be there.


You might just wanna bring your boy by the AP Party...


Kristie -- it's on Thursday... does that help?


I def' think we should head to AP afterwards.


Nope, I am going to miss it. Going to SB Thursday - Saturday. Have a beer for me.

irina slutsky

yeah, you guys are definitely coming to AP party cuz ben is SOOOOO goign to be on GETV!