1939 SW Morrison
Portland, Oregon 97205

We'll be in the owner's suite at The Agency starting at 5 pm today. Come by and enjoy a drink, Wii battle, or the Blazer/Celtics game.

Looks like they have parking below (have it validated in the bar), or it's also Max-accessible. As ever, you'll need to spring for your own food/drinks - but why not come hang out with us in a space that's new to us?

Official Website: http://ourpdx.net

Added by Betsywhim on December 30, 2008



What!! You should be playing the Ducks at the Holiday Bowl :)


Is it smoke-free? I mean tonight, not in two days :)


Yes, it's smoke-free tonight...


You guys need to call and reseve a table ASAP! We're here and most of it is already reserved! There is a table for 6-8 next to us :)

Radio Gretchen

I believe Betsy has the Owner's Lounge reserved, under the name - Betsy.