2239 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214

Come join the OurPDX authors and readers for an informal meetup at Blitz Bar in Ladd's Edition.. Would love to meet you and chat about Portland. We spring for appetizers, but drinks and extra foodstuffs are on you.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Official Website: http://ourpdx.com

Added by dieselboi on March 8, 2009


Motor Jeffries

I will be there!

Endless Monkeys

Why yes, I will be there. Feel free to come up and say hi!

And before you ask, I don't autograph body parts. Unless you're a hot chick.. I still won't do it, but at least I'll wait a bit longer to tell you no.


I'm out of town this week, but I hope to make it next time.

Eva Cat Herder

I am playing social media expert and teaching a class on twitter tomorrow night, but I will make it one of these days. Really.


I called Blitz, and they have like two outlets for laptops..;-(


Our events tend to be laptop-free/offline events, for the most part. I don't typically bring mine.