Trafalger Square
London, England

OURlympicgames flashmob 24th August 2pm at Trafalger Square London. Make your own mask, start the worlds longest queue and cheer "I AM SEBACUS".

Trafaler Square

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Welcome to your games or should I say OURlympicgames.

You may recognise me from many previous games and I just wanted to say hi and personally welcome you.

I am appearing at an event on the 24th August at The Mall in Central London and was hoping you might be able to join me.

I heard about this flash mobbing thing while reading the paper the other day and thought that it would be jolly nice if you gentlemen and ladies could join us too. Flash mobbing looks like so much fun it should be an Olympic Sport.

Some of the guys in the office thought it would be quite funny if you could make your own paper hats and form a GIANT queue at the event or even create a mexican WAVE! One of the guys suggested that you could all print out masks of myself and my good pal Boracus and shout phrases like I am spartacus or something. I am not sure about that but would take it as a compliment if it happened.

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