1400 Crittenden Lane
Mountain View, California 94043

OpenSocial apps will go live to Orkut users in the last week of February. To launch your app on Orkut you need to have it pass a review by the Orkut Team, so be sure to use these best practices to build a successful app and submit your app at

To help get your apps up to snuff, we'll be opening our doors here in Mountain View so you can get real time technical support and face-to-face feedback on the user experience of your app. Orkut Product Managers and Engineers will be on hand to review your application and add it to the initial Orkut application directory.

Swing by the Googleplex and you'll have access to:

* Workspace, power, and internet access.
* Introductory materials and training.
* Googlers working on OpenSocial and Orkut who can answer your questions.
* Advice on how to polish your applications to get into the Orkut directory for launch.
* A free lunch (they do exist!).

These all-day "hackathons" will be on February 7-8 and February 14-15 at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. If you're on the east coast, you can attend via video conference from our New York City office. There are limited seats available - reserve your spot by sending your name and preferred date and location to [email protected].

OpenSocial v0.7 is now live on Orkut sandbox. This is the same environment that will go live to 50M+ users worldwide. Check out the release notes for v0.7 and the updated OpenSocial Spec.

Hope to see you here!

Added by OpenSocial on February 4, 2008