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Organic Houston 101

Discover Organic Houston. Everywhere you turn these days, people talking about going "Green". What does that really mean? Going Green is more than just recycling your aluminum cans. It's an ideology and philosophy about saving the planet through our activities and lifestyle. We will explore some of those activities and what you can do to go "Green" in your own life. It is the small things that add up to big change, such as shopping at farmer's markets, riding your bicycle as transport, reusing instead of just recycling and maybe even composting. Even buying local can help to change the planet! Supporting farmer's markets and eating organic are two of the best ways to make a difference in your health and your world. We will even cover some of the companies that are working to make a difference, locally and globally. But, in the end it’s all about doing what we can and enjoying how we do it! Handouts included (on recycled paper of course). Let's make Houston "Green"!

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