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Join us at Velocity 2009, the O'Reilly conference dedicated to helping people build a better Internet. Happening June 20 – 22, in San Jose, CA, Velocity is the essential conference for web developers who build Internet infrastructure, enterprise websites, or need to bootstrap a startup to scale for a global audience. Learn -- straight from the experts -- how to build large scale websites that were fast, scalable, efficient, and always available.

Make your pages faster. Give your sites higher up-time. Help your company to achieve more with less. Velocity is the key for crossing over from cool features to robust, sustainable web sites. Register Now & Save an additional 15% using discount code:

This year Velocity offers a full day of workshops, lead by industry experts, plus two days of in-depth sessions, offered in dedicated Web Performance and Operations Tracks.

* Learn how to use the newest performance tuning tools
* Get from-the-trenches practical advice on code implementations
* Discover best practices for scaling, migration and deployment at sites like Flickr, Twitter and Netflix
* Capitalize on the promise of using cloud services like Amazon's EC2/S3, explained by the developers themselves
*Accelerate responsiveness of web pages to drive down operating costs and improve customer experience
*Return to work equipped with the skills you need to maximize your organizations web performance, efficiency and responsiveness

Velocity brings together industry leaders like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, AOL, MySpace, and more from around the world. Some of the featured sessions and speakers you'll meet face to face at Velocity 2009 include:

* Luke Kanies (Reductive Labs) — Introduction to Managed Infrastructure with Puppet
* Mandi Walls (AOL) — Migrating www.aol.com from a Proprietary Web Platform to Open Source
* John Allspaw and Paul Hammond (Flickr) — 10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr
* Bill Scott (Netflix) — Event Delegation: Speeding Up the Netflix Queue
* Douglas Crockford (Yahoo!) — Ajax Performance
* Richard Campbell (Strangeloop Networks) — Death of a Web Server: Crisis in Caching
* Jeremy Zawodny (Craigslist) — MySQL Performance from Day #1
* John Adams (Twitter) — Fixing Twitter: Improving the performance and scalability of the world's most popular micro-blogging site
* Stoyan Stefanov (Yahoo!) — YSlow 2.0
* Robert Johnson (Facebook) — High Performance at Massive Scale - Lessons Learned at Facebook
* Nicole Sullivan — The Fast and the Fabulous: 9 ways engineering and design come together to make your site slow
* Nicholas Zakas (Yahoo!) — Writing Efficient JavaScript

Register by May 4 and save up to $300.

Official Website: http://en.oreilly.com/velocity2009

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