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The Future of Power and Energy Technology
(see comments for latest updates; postponed from listed dates)

Humanity is having a tremendous impact on the environment. Energy production, distribution, and use are a big part of this impact, and yet are critically important to life as we know it. Emerging technologies, ranging from smart buildings and plug-in hybrid vehicles to superconductors and enormous wind turbines, are shaping a transformation in our economy and our lives.

The O'Reilly Energy Innovation Conference is a convergence point for emerging technologies in energy distribution and generation, architecture and construction, and transportation. We'll investigate new technologies applied to conservation and efficiency improvements, as well as radical new tools for increasing supplies and mitigating environmental impacts. Join us August 22—24, 2007 at the San Francisco Marriott as we explore the latest and best power technologies that aim to change our world for the better, and take advantage of the economic opportunities that this change presents. Learn more about the Energy Innovation Conference.

Official Website: http://www.energyinnovation.com/

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According to the homepage, this conference has been postponed...