1842 E. Winter Park Rd.
Orlando, Florida

Bill Evans (http://squarefactor.com) is going to be talking about DjangoCon 2008, and we'll be chatting in general with Chris Scott ( http://iamzed.com/) about Django version 1.0 in relation to our upcoming code sprint for orlandopython.com


OPUG is a user group for lovers, learners, and leaders in Python, one of the worlds best programming languages.

Official Website: http://orlandopython.com

Added by stickwithjosh on August 31, 2008


Chad Miller

Wish I could be there. I'm in Helsinki and Rīga 13th through 25th. Have fun without me!


Interested in doing some real OO programming. Sad PHP :( -- ha!

Chris Stewart

I am havening a problem with my python codes. Could you guys help?