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As the economy turns down, every enterprise is searching for new ways to increase productivity and inspire innovation from their existing resources. The Value Network Analysis (VNA) methodology is designed to significantly and quickly improve performance across multiple value networks within an organization at low cost by:

* Seeing how people truly get the work done

* Optimizing roles, links and exchanges

* Making intangibles visible and negotiable

* Making activities visible and transparent

* Simplifying context and relationships

* Revealing opportunities by visualizing value flows

Verna Allee who first explored the possibilities of using the natural interactions of employees within companies to identify exchanges of value that could be leveraged by the enterprise in 1993 and has now implemented this newest performance improvement process in companies large and small as well as non-profits and government agencies, will join us at CTM’s next Speak and Spark lunch to discuss this exciting new concept.

Some other issues that this Speak and Spark will discuss are:

* What economic ecosystems could most benefit from this methodology for understanding, visualizing, and optimizing both internal and external value networks?

* What new software must be designed to support rapid modification of sophisticated inter-company processes by mapping not only value chains but entire value networks in order to keep pace with changing conditions?

* How do the results from using VNA compare to other performance improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma and other quality improvement processes?

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