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This webinar will discuss how to manage supply chain risk to optimize clinical trial supply and also manage demand side requirements, risk of stock out, cost management etc using novel tools and technologies.

Why Should You Attend:

Clinical Trial Materials (CTM) and comparators are often expensive and sometimes scarce items on the critical path to completing a clinical trial. Multiple investigator sites (often in different countries), each with variable startup schedules and uncertain patient accrual rates make planning and management of inventory positions difficult and shipping costs significant. Therefore, major issue in clinical supply planning is cost optimization, and at the same time Alignment of manufacturing production schedule and sites demand, Management of inventory levels , Mitigation of stock-out risk and optimization of overages, Optimization of shipment schedule & package size.

Attend this webinar to understand how to use novel technology for clinical supply planning and learn about various types of predictive tools for clinical supply such as optimization tool (cost minimization, optimal delivery schedule and package size), simulation tool (stock-out risk assessment and analysis of risk mitigation strategies), predictive patient recruitment models, and others. Case study will illustrate proposed approach.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss different tools for clinical supply
Learn about optimization model for clinical supply
Learn about simulation model for clinical supply
Learn about risk management in clinical supply

Areas Covered in this Session:

- Overview of clinical supply planning techniques and tools
- Clinical supply optimization model
- Clinical supply network structure
- Clinical supply optimization tool components
- How the tool works
- Sites demand predictions
- Sites demand uncertainty
- Case study
- Risk management in clinical supply
- Clinical supply simulation as a prime tool for supply risk analysis
- Experiments with clinical supply simulation tool
- Combined usage of both optimization and simulation tools to derive optimal clinical supply plan

Who Will Benefit:

- Clinical operations
- Clinical supply
- Finance
- IVRS group

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