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Harvard University?s Berkman Center is joining with the Boston area OPML community to present OPML Camp on May 20-21 at Harvard Law School. OPML is a Web based format that makes it easy to create structured outlines of RSS feeds and links to websites. Until recently OPML was mostly used to package multiple links to RSS files as a convenient method of managing the increasing number of blogs we all find it necessary to read. With the release of new tools, like the Optimal Browser and Grazr, the use of OPML has expanded to include collectively managed outlines that span multiple websites. Online editing tools, such as OPML Workstation, now allow users to collaborate in creating and managing Wiki style sites based on the OPML format.

OPML Camp is a free event based on the unconference format made popular by BloggerCon and BarCamp. Participants will discuss the current tools and applications for OPML, and construct wish lists for future features with the authors of many of the popular OPML products. There will be tutorials for those who are new to OPML, and advanced sessions on programming techniques for OPML in languages such as Python and PHP. As the use of OPML moves beyond a simple container for RSS feeds, it has begun to overlap with other methods of managing structured data on the Web, such as Microformats and the Semantic Web. Camp participants will explore extensions to the OPML standard that will allow the incorporation of features from these related Web technologies.

You can register for OPML Camp by leaving a comment on the Signup page. If you have any questions, please email adam AT opmlcamp DOT com.

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