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Over the last 100 years of modern warfare the British military have given to our nation and others their time and service and on many occasions their lives. We now wish to give some of our time for those that serve and those that have served, and we invite you to join us.
The one activity that has not changed for soldiers over the last 100 years is the usage of trenches and foxholes. Even today in Afghanistan, despite huge advances in technology, the foxhole is still used as a method of defence.
We are organising this event as a fundraiser for the Victoria Cross Trust to allow us to continue our work in restoring the graves and honouring the men awarded the Victoria Cross.

We hope that those that choose to participate will have a great deal of fun taking part but will also use the time to reflect upon the great sacrifices of our servicemen and women. Servicemen have always had to spend a night outdoors and always will, please give just one night for all those they gave you.

This is a fundraising event and you must have a minimum sponsorship of £50 each to take part. The minimum number to a trench/foxhole is 2 people (Dont worry we will pair you up with someone if you are doing this solo) with a maximum of 6
The minimum age to participate is 12 YEARS, ONLY IF with an adult, otherwise 18 years of age.
You WILL stag on during the night and one person MUST be awake at all time.
No Naked flames or lights to be used during darkness

You will be positioned opposite each other and armed firstly with paintball guns and throughout the night the latest in lazer gun technology, you WILL be allowed to fire upon your opposition if you see or hear them.


Name: Gary Stapleton
Phone: 01302 342652
Email: [email protected]

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