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This 90-minute webinar compares the operating section of the statement of comprehensive income under IFRS and U. S. GAAP, and goes through the different aggregations and subtotals to discuss their rationales, current practices and specific issues, as well as the financial analysis practice of reformulating the statement of comprehensive income.

Why Should You Attend:

The statement of comprehensive income is of utmost important to determine measures of performance and to forecast the impact of business decisions on earnings. Entities must be aware of risks and constraints arising from characterizing items as operating or non-operating on the face of the statement under IFRSs, including the repercussions on subtotals qualifying as non-GAAP measures in SEC filings. The concept of operating vs. financing items presents several ambiguity, as well as core vs. noncore activities. The IFRS guidance on material items is not equivalent to the U.S. GAAP requirements about unusual or frequent items, but not both. Classification of gains and losses is diverse under the two bodies of standards.
Areas Covered in the Webinar:

- Concept of Operating Activities
- Aggregations of Income and Expenses
- Operating Income Subtotal
- Unusual or Infrequent Items
- Material Items
- Other Expenses and Other Revenues
- Operating vs. Non-operating Items
- Gains and Losses
- Impact of Equity Method Investees
- Reformulated Statement of Comprehensive Income for Financial Analysis
Normalizing Earnings for Financial Analysis
- Financial Statement Presentation Project

Who will Benefit:

- Financial analysts
- Chief Accounting Officers
- Chief Financial Officers
- Accountants
- Auditors
- Academics

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