14 Kingly St
London, England W1B 5PP

OpenStreetMap is a not-for-profit massive internet collaboration rather like wikipedia, but for maps. Volunteers are mapping all over the world, and there's quite a few in London, so...

This is a social meet-up for anyone in London interested in OpenStreetMap, and we love to have new people coming along. We like to meet with newbies, mappers, developers, technologists, innocent bystanders and all that's in between. Come and join us for beers and map-chat!

We usually get between 5 and 15 people coming along (more than those signed up here) 7p.m. is the official start time, but people arrive late and early. In the pub look out for people with GPS units/ maps, an OpenStreetMap sign, or someone wearing a white OpenStreetMap cap. Also make a note of this...

Contact: Harry Wood O7979815O13

For details of this and other events check out the London pub meet-ups page on the OSM wiki

Added by Harry Wood on January 6, 2010