90 Amhurst Road
Hackney, England E8 1JH

OpenStreetMap is an editable map, which is being built largely from scratch using GPS traces, and released with an open content license. It is very much a community mapping effort. Although we welcome contributions from anywhere on the globe, we also like to get together and do group "mapping parties"

On the 2nd day of the "ShoHo Mapping Party" (Sunday 9th) we will be meeting in the morning to plan (10a.m. meet-up at Pembury Tavern), then splitting up as we survey the streets around the area of Hackney and Shorditch in East London, to fill this crucial gap in the openstreetmap coverage. At 5pm we will meet back at Pembury Tavern, and enter our map data. Some people will be heading back home for the weekend, but the locals will no doubt be hanging around for more pub socialising etc.

If you are new to OpenStreetMap and/or you don't have a GPS unit, this doesn't matter! You are most welcome to come along, and we will explain how you can help to build a free map of East London!

Official Website: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/ShoHo_Mapping_Party

Added by Harry Wood on August 23, 2007

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