40 Porchester Road
London, England W2 6ES

OpenStreetMap is an editable map of the whole world, which is being built largely from scratch and released with an open content license. The OpenStreetMap License allows free (or almost free) access to our map images and all of our underlying map data, and the project aims to promote new and interesting uses of this data.

This is a social meet-up for anyone in London interested in OpenStreetMap, and we love to have new people coming along. We like to meet with newbies, mappers, developers, technologists, innocent bystanders and all that's in between. Come and join us for beers and map-chat!

We prefer to do "mapping parties", but the weather is a bit miserable at this time of year, and it gets dark too quickly. So instead we'll just head to the pub! We may organise a weekend mapping event at some point, and we can chat about our mini-mapping-solo-bandit-runs too.

We usually get between 5 and 15 people coming along (more than those signed up here) 7p.m. is the official start time, but people tend to be fashionably late. In the pub look out for people with GPS units/ maps, plus Harry might be wearing a white OpenStreetMap cap. Also make a note of this...

Contact: Harry Wood O7979815O13256

Official Website: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/London/Winter_2009-2010_Pub_Meetup

Added by Harry Wood on January 18, 2010