2517 Thomas Ave
Dallas, Texas

OpenSocial Dev Garage Dallas is an opportunity to learn about the OpenSocial API is a supportive group environment. There will be a combination of formal presentations and unconference-style ad-hoc learning groups. (We're looking into a cross-social-network event planning solution, but for right now Upcoming is the "official" sign-up page) Doors open at 8:00, but the official schedule doesn't start till 9:30.

Official Website: http://wiki.opensocial.org/index.php?title=OpenSocial_Dev_Garage_Dallas

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So, supposed to get a page on the official OpenSocial wiki, waiting to hear back on where they want it to go. In the mean time, a bit more information here: http://artofsystems.blogspot.com/2008/12/opensocial-dev-garage-dallas.html


The OpenSocial wiki page is now open for business:


Note that signup is still here on this page, but the wiki is now the authoritative source for all other info.


Happy this will be the inaugural developer event at CoHabitat.


Mark Leon Dotcom

This event looks like fun!

What does an attendee need to bring? (laptop, pre-installed software, etc)

What kind of prerequisites/experience would be good for an attendee? (general programming experience, facebook dev experience, web API dev experience, etc)

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

Mark Leon Watson


A laptop. No pre-installed software is really needed, although you'll want a text editor of some sort. We'll get people signed up for developer accounts first thing in the morning. "Interesting" apps will have a server component of some sort, and we'll discuss options for hosting (for doing HelloFriends type apps we'll discuss some free hosting options, but if you have access to a server you want to use, that's optimal. Having your own server is _not_ required for the event.). I'll be posting more details on the Wiki page very soon (see the link above)


And... we're out. Slides at:


Thanks to Traxo, Praxis Bridge and CoHabitat for sponsoring!