UCL, Cruciform Building, Gower Street
London, England WC1E 6BT

OpenMoko is the GNU/Linux distribution that runs on the free phone Neo Freerunner from FIC. It is completely Free Software. Being able to completely control a cell phone gives new posibillities that people only dreamed of.

Have you ever had a mobile phone where you have been annoyed by some of the functionality and thought: "If only I had the source code I could have fixed this annoying thing"? Then you are not alone. The phone Neo Freerunner from FIC runs a completely free operating system. Because it is free it is possible to try out completely new ideas - even ideas that the phone companies make no money from.

The presentation will be about the possibilities and how you can take part in this revolution.

Official Website: http://www.ukuug.org/events/openmoko/

Added by GlynWintle on April 1, 2008