430 Clementina Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Reed Danziger’s works are given new expanse in this, her
6th show at Hosfelt Gallery. As her swirls of imagery take to
large planes of un-mounted paper, often made even bigger
by being joined in diptychs and triptychs, her signature
intense visual vocabulary is balanced by open, white space.

Within each page cosmic games of connect the dots are
beset by bursts of pigment that respond to the activity of
systems in flux. Geometric structures attempt to shepherd
the organic play of her watercolor drips and washes. And
silhouettes of wild flora take root in the energy of the

The space around Danziger’s clusters imparts special laws of
gravity, allowing her forms an ability to coalesce and
converge despite what seems an ever-expanding page.
Varied visual elements fold and flex, combine and contort in
a manner not unlike the self-devouring Ouroboros, defining
the infinite.

Hosfelt Gallery is pleased to present the West Coast premier
of Liliana Porter’s most recent video, “Fox in the Mirror”.
Porter’s work playfully subverts convention, disrupts time,
and messes with reality. With enchanting incongruity,
Porter mixes the absurd with the philosophical, creating
extraordinary situations that lure us into the world of her
idiosyncratic cast of characters.

Drawing from an extensive collection of vintage figurines,
knickknacks, toys, and souvenirs, Porter puts her characters
in unexpected circumstances and relationships. The peculiar
situations she invents, where disparate events occur
simultaneously, or dissimilar characters interact, invite
political, philosophical and existential interpretation.

“Fox in the Mirror,” like her two videos that preceded it,
utilizes a cast of characters that will be familiar to those
who know her work. These characters “act” in a succession
of seemingly unrelated vignettes that together comprise a
poetic vision of the human condition. The haunting and
beautiful sound track of the video is an original score
composed and performed by Sylvia Meyer.

Porter (born 1941, Buenos Aires, Argentina), is perhaps the
most well-known and influential living female artist from
Latin America. Her work has been exhibited extensively
internationally and is in numerous public collections,
including the Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan
Museum in New York, the Tate Modern in London, the Reina
Sophia in Madrid, Daros Latin American Collection in Zurich,
and every major Latin American collection.

Official Website: http://www.hosfeltgallery.com/HTML/exhibitions.htm

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