405 W 50th St
New York City, New York 10019

About the exhibit:
"Still Life with Tea" is a new media piece composed of computer-collaged video projected into a three-
dimensional installation of related objects. A fresh take on the concept of "still life," it places the
subject of "tea" within the context of "Manhattan". This is a still life which is not still (the sculptural
structure remains in place but the imagery is constantly changing), and in which the ostensible subject
(tea) is as much "background" as "foreground."
About the artist:
Erik Sanner (http://www.eriksanner.com) has shown in group and solo shows in galleries and museums in
New York and Tokyo. He has conceived and executed a number of collaborative and community-based
projects. His current focus is creating new media work which looks different each time it is viewed,
using old media elements and technology, exploring the place of art in life, life in art, and the tensions
between various media.
A resident of Hell's Kitchen, he is enamored with the occasional traffic cone festivals on 8th and 9th

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