Keckwick Lane
Daresbury, Cheshire, England WA4 4FS

SPEAKER - STEWART TOWNSEND from SUN MICROSYSTEMSThe Sun Startup Essentials program is designed specifically to help startups get off the ground rapidly and at lower cost. The program consists of discounted or free products and services designed with startups in mind.

“What happens if you *do* go Google??”

Stewart is going to take a look at “Red Shift” or what happens when companies expand rapidly and what they can do to make sure they’re ready for the problems of success.


The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow. Totally informal, so if you would like to meet with likeminded business people, come along.

The Event
OpenCoffee is an informal business networking event usually held in central Liverpool. This month, we are taking the event to Daresbury as we are hping to invlve Sun Microsystems. More details to follow.

Come along, discuss business and meet new and existing contacts over a coffee.

The event is totally informal, without a set schedule although there are sometimes ad hoc presentations. If you are interested in presenting, please contact [email protected]

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