48 Albion Street
Leeds, England LS1 6AB

Leeds' first OpenCoffee event...

Geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest - share+demo+network :)

{ Come on up to the first floor and hang out tommorow! }

Official Website: http://imran.ali.name/blog/2007/05/opencoffee_leed.html

Added by imran.ali on May 31, 2007



I picked the largest Starbucks in the city for the first event, simply because it's close to the railway station and a large NCP car park on Boar Lane. Also, we'll have cakes, coffee & connectivity!.

I know people wanted an indie venue for the first event, but let's go for convenience first and then we can look at Oracle, Living Room or other places for OpenCoffee {Duo}


well done mate.


Please could i have the post code and building number for the starbucks so i can sat-nav it


It's right thre in the description John - LS1 6AB!


Silly me. Thanks. The numbers are looking promising too. I wasnt to sure who would turn up, looking like a few people will be turning up.

Ian Green

Is that date definite - do we need an agenda? Or is it a free for all?


Definite date. Free for all :)


See you there, Imran. Mine's a cappucino the size of Aaron Spelling's swimming pool.

Phill Midwinter

I have to be in London by 9am tuesday morning! Always the way, hope to see you all at duo.


D'oh i have to be in Exeter (bad coffee) on 12th, but look forward to hearing how it goes and dates of forthcoming meets.


10 -12 is not really convenient for me (I have a proper job). Lunchtime or after work for the next one please.


Sorry Steve - maybe you can come along around 12-ish I'm sure there'll be some people still about...it's pretty informal...btw, what's a 'proper job' ;)


I think he means a job that pays a steady wage. But i'm pretty sure the majority of people have those.


Speak for yourself. :)


I'm gonna call the manager of that brand, Benita Opaczyk, to see if we can get free wifi for a couple hours :)


Interested in meeting any talented individuals or investable opportunities. Also, some feedback on current projects and if anyone would like to get involved. I'll pop along Tuesday.


Gonna beat Imran to it and say "The more the merrier" the more people that are there the better, so yes come along :-) i would be willing to speak to you about projects.

Also free wifi sounds good, UK Starbucks want to learn from the Americans and offer free wifi anyway.


I'll try buy a few hours of wifi and share it off my Mac.

We'll be on the top floor of this Starbucks so grab your drinks and come on up...they might even open up a private meeting room for us...I'll have to grab the deputy manager for that tommorow morning!


see you there!


Yeah see everyone there.

Dominic Hodgson

ill be there from 11-12


Things went really well - thanks everyone for coming along, hanging out and sharing. We counted 27 attendees in the end and I think everyone managed to find someone interesting to speak to :)

Apologies to those whom I couldn't speak to - grab me next time around...


Good work Imran great turnout. Contact me and let me know if you would like to use the gallery for the next one. I'd be willing to get behind it. Hopefully get an opportunity to meet more of you next time round.