Flannels Gallery, 3rd floor, 68 Vicar Lane
Leeds, England LS1 7JH

Leeds' *third* OpenCoffee event...

Geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest - share+demo+network :)

{A few people had difficulty finding the venue last time, so I'll post some detailed photo directions a few days ahead of the event}

Official Website: http://imran.ali.name/blog/2007/07/post.html

Added by imran.ali on July 17, 2007



I'll actually come this time, rather than just saying and then cancelling at the last minute :)


Would have loved to make it 3 in a row but wont be in the country and on holiday so will miss out...


I'm hoping to eventually make it - any other educators going to be there?

Dominic Hodgson

I will sadly be on holiday so i'll miss it :(


Lisa, I think there'll be some people from Leeds Met and the College of Art - but please feel free to invite anyone whom you think might be interested/interesting from the academic community :)


Hi all.

Just to let you all know that Loftart on the Headrow is our smaller gallery. Look for Flannels Vicar lane instead of Loftart and its on the third floor.

See you on the 7th.


I should be there. Someone's trying to get me to go to a meeting but I know where I'd rather be.

Lisa: I might fall into that catagory. kinda :)


I will try and make it. Will let you know in the next week or two.

blognation UK

Hi Imran any photos from the last events


Hey blognation - photos from the previous two events are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/opencoffeeleeds/


To find the gallery, look out for the Flannels store on Vicar Lane. You'll need to enter the store, find the elevator near the back of the ground floor and ride up to the 3rd floor.

There are some photos of the store exterior at http://www.loftart.co.uk/pages/galleries/ - remember, you need to be at the FLANNELS gallery, NOT the one on Headrow! A few people ended up at the wrong location last month!

Any problems, gimme a call on 07808 786814.

Phill Midwinter

I'll be attending my first open coffee! see you all there


That's great Phill - it'll be good to meet you in person :)