148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

If you're working in the creative or digital industries, we'd love you to come hang out, chat, demo or just network with others...usually around 20-25 people each month...sometimes more :)

OpenCoffee itself runs from 10am to noon, but Old Broadcasting House has an open house in the afternoon with plenty of hotdesks available for those who wish to work into the afternoon and stick around for the company :)

Official Website: http://imran.ali.name/blog/opencoffee/

Added by imran.ali on September 1, 2008



I'm really interested in attending one of the open coffee events but dont know really what to expect

I'm at college that day but its only up the road (I'm at Leeds College of Art and Design)

May pop down for a little while if I get chance


Hi Luke, all are welcome to attend and chat about what you're up to / interested in. Not many students attend but I did last year whilst studying at Leeds Met and I found it a valuable experience - particularly for meeting new people and seeing what they're doing. You may even end up collaborating with some of your new contacts :) We'll hopefully see you there!


you have yet another newbie turning up :)



Thanks for the advice. Being a "student" and turning up was what was worrying me. I dont want people to be like
'students aren't welcome here. This is just for professionals'

I am a Design for Digital Media student and interested in all things interactive and web related. (I'm all so a technology geek!)

I am really interested with working with people, and collaborations would interest me a great deal.

I see you are friends with a few of the GeekUp lot on here, is OpenCoffee a similar event, should I bring anything with me?

Hopefully I will be able to pop down for a short while and say Hi