148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

OpenCoffee Leeds is a year old this month...yay! Maybe we'll do something special...

Official Website: http://imran.ali.name/blog/opencoffee/

Added by imran.ali on May 6, 2008



Yeh. Maybe I'll actually turn up :)


Hmm maybe Ill try and persuade some manc peeps who do the almost-co-working over here to come across. Believe Ben did/was planning to the other week.

warren slingsby

Is this event on from 10 - 5pm as it says above?


@Warren, OpenCoffee is generally 10-noon, people come and go as they please...we have an open house in the afternoon for anyone who wants to work from the hotdesking area at Old Broadcasting House.


I'll try to pop out in the afternoon, see you there.