Flannels Gallery, 3rd floor, 68 Vicar Lane
Leeds, England LS1 7JH

Leeds' *second* OpenCoffee event...

Geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest - share+demo+network :)

Official Website: http://imran.typepad.com/blog/2007/06/upcoming-openco.html

Added by imran.ali on June 21, 2007



Whitson Group CEO Justin Whiston has very generously offered the use of the Loftart gallery space on Vicar Lane, along with free wifi, coffee and cakes! Thanks Justin - we owe you :)


Free cake! Now I'm even more annoyed that I can't make it.


Could someone let me know where Loftart is? It's on "The Headrow" according to Google Maps and I'm all confused...


Hi Tom - the link above shows *two* addresses...if you find the Flannels store on Vicar Lane, Loftart is on the 3rd floor above the store :) Call me on 07808 786814 if you need directions :)


Sorry Imran i will not be able to make it this time round.


S'alright - I hope people will find they can dip in and out as they need to :)


Sorry too... work has cropped up. Will catch the next one hopefully...

James Holmes

Sorry Imran I can't make it either this week- hopefully will be at the next one


WoW what an awesome venue and awesome people I had a really good time :)


Thanks everyone for coming out - 27 people were listed here on Upcoming and I think we counted 21 on the day...so a pretty good turnout for a miserably wet day!

I've posted up my impressions of the morning at http://imran.typepad.com/blog/2007/07/opencoffee-leed.html and there're a bunch of photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/imran/sets/72157600638879173/.

OpenCoffee {Tre} is planned for 7th August...be there or be square :)