Flannels Gallery, 3rd floor, 68 Vicar Lane
Leeds, England LS1 7JH

Leeds' *fifth* OpenCoffee event...

Geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest - share+demo+network :)

To find the gallery, look out for the Flannels store on Vicar Lane. You'll need to enter the store, find the elevator near the back of the ground floor and ride up to the 3rd floor. There are some photos of the store exterior at http://www.loftart.co.uk/pages/galleries/ - remember, you need to be at the FLANNELS gallery, NOT the one on Headrow!

Any problems, gimme a call on 07808 786814.

Official Website: http://imran.ali.name/blog/opencoffee/index.html

Added by imran.ali on August 30, 2007



October's OpenCoffee falls in Ramadan, so I won't be eating or drinking :(


i'll be there to chew the geekdom PHat!