Neuer Jungfernstieg 5
Hamburg, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg 20354

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Added by pjozefak on April 18, 2007



This event will take place every Wednesday.


urg. it is a very terrible idea to reuse an old entry with a new date. this will mix up comments, participation signals as well as the groups. please do not do so, many people are more likely to unsubscribe totally from this.

there will be no advance warning to it nor will there be correct updates of the feeds -one of the things most people use for this.

with such a 'regular' setting without already having regular crowd for this, this is going to be quite a lonly event for many and with a reused entry there will not be a lot people playing attention.


The next event is the 21st of November at the same location, starting at 9 am. There's a new event set up for it on