1250 I St NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20005

OpenCoffee Club is a great opportunity to meet new people and discuss start-ups and the other various excitements around technology.

Added by matthewvb on May 31, 2007



12th Floor

Call Peter Corbett @ 202-577-9338 if you get lost.

Coffee and breakfast snacks provided.


how about open tequilla? we need to start a drinking / tech networking event..


Hmm, I wasn't sure if I would attend this event, but I think I would definitely attend open tequila. Count me in!!


Ha, definitely. How about Friday Afternoon Drinking Club? FADC is pretty sweet.


Ya know I've said I wanted to throw a MASSIVE drinking event, where the whole point is just to get wasted, we could get advertisers, cover the whole Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area...Like a Drinkstock...noone will be left out, we'll have liquor beer, wine, everything...

anyone down for an idea like this.....I'm seriously want to do this...