2 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94105

What do you get in return for your ticket?

You will be able to attend the FIRST ever Open Web Awards live event and awards ceremony, which will be held at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California on Thursday, January 10th from 7:00 – 10:00 PM.

The 3 hour event will be a swank 350+ networking affair with a famous DJ, food, appetizers, Open Bar and non-alcoholic beverages. We will presenting awards to the 26 winners of the Open Web Awards for the 13 categories, one “People’s Choice” and one “Judge’s Choice” from each category.

Purchase tickets through:

Official Website: http://www.openwebawards.com

Added by Adam Hirsch on December 25, 2007


Adam Hirsch

Please purchase tickets through: http://openwebawards.eventbrite.com/

Anyone just responding to this event will not get in without being invited or purchasing a ticket.


What's Open about the awards btw?


Presumably they're "open" to anyone purchasing a ticket. ;)


c'mon folks (and my 2 esteemed friends commenting above in particular) is everything supposed to be free?


I don't care about free (open!=free). I'm wondering about the use of the word Open in this context. None of the nominees are Open Source companies, for instance.