40-42 Corner of Slater Street / Wolstenholme Square
Liverpool, England L1 4BX

Digital Artists Handbook
Phil Chandler, folly

1.30pm - 2.00pm

The Digital Artists Handbook is an up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces you to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital art and Free/Libre Open Source Software. It not only provides artists with information about the available tools but also about the practicalities related to Free Software and Open Content, such as collaborative development and licenses. All this to facilitate exchange between artists, to take away some of the fears when it comes to open content licenses, sharing code, and to give a perspective on various ways of working and collaborating.

Linux Audio in the Mainstream
Daniel James, 64 Studio

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Free Software is finding its way into all kinds of gadgets and devices, taking over the world of high-end audio production by stealth. But will the mainstream user, who isn't a software developer, get the benefit? Daniel James shares his experience of working on the Indamixx hand-held studio project (http://www.indamixx.com), and offers tips for developers thinking of building their own hardware device.

Copyright and freedom - a brief philosophical tour
Tom Chance, Speaker on Intellectual Property for The Green Party

3.00pm - 4.00pm

Why should struggling artists and freelance programmers share their work? What right have they got to keep it to themselves? This talk will introduce a few different philosophical perspectives on intellectual property from the free software and free culture movements, touching on the legal and practical implications of each. Learn your GPL from your BY-SA, your Locke from your Kant, and you may change the way you work.

Grow Your Own Media Lab - The Graphic Novel
James Wallbank, Access Space

4.00pm - 5.00pm

For 8 years Access Space has provided the public with the opportunity to get creative with Free and Open Source Software. As the longest running open access media lab in the UK Access Space has been asking,why doesn't everyone do this too? Rather than produce a"how to" which would be out of date in a year or two anyway, Grow Your Own Media Lab - The Graphic Novel is a "what to" and "why to". Only after organisations understand and are inspired by the opportunities of Open Source software will they be in a position to use it successfully.


Official Website: http://soundnetwork.org.uk/?q=node/48

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