London, England SE14

Friday 04-May-007
sees the
Return of the Jedi (to London South East X)...
with a very special after midnight riot courtesy of WHITE MAN KAMIKAZE - Doors 9pm to 21m (18+) £2 before 10pm then £4.
The Venue Basement, 2a Clifton Rise, NX Rocklands, London SE14.

The very first bands to kick off the very first Little Nan Jo Jo Loves... playing a very special warm up that celebrates the debut album from our compere, Seymour and showcases four facets of rock n roll...
- c'mon the Jedi, seeya in the basement!


Garage Rock'n'Soul - Refreshingly fundamental rock’n’roll off-kilter, anti-Hoxton, warped quintet play sexy blues, funk rock noise with a boozy sheen that rips up dance floors and boundaries alike. The dark-hearted classics give Fortune Drive their reason for being. Their classic debut album 'A Modern Question' is old ideals re-animated with swish new moves: crisp, melodic, soulful, heavy and passionate, that take the smooth vocals back to rock'n'roll's multi-cultural roots. Most of all, it's just a great record.

Front man Bobby Anderson's mum passed on her amazing soul singer not only had James Brown literally as her godfather, but passed on her amazing soul singer/songwriter skills to her son. (Who had been on tour with her as a child rubbing shoulders with fame without realising who they were). She also got him his first guitar (from Paul Weller!). The vintage spirit of rock'n'soul is in the veins of Fortune Drive.

With tours supporting Juliette and the Licks, Idlewild and The Young Knives under their belt, their dream is catching on fast. With the world at their feet, Fortune Drive are deliciously single-minded about their mission statement: "to bring rock'n'roll back!". The grand new single, Sparkle, and Fortune Drive's free-of-fake-cool wavelength is winning them a summer of festy slots for 2007 to match their growing circle of support.

The video for SPARKLE by Fortune Drive

Fortune Drive play Little Nan Jo Jo Loves... festival on Saturday 5 May

An electric fusion of rock and dance energy whose on stage dynamism has already incited a stage invasion or two, as well as excited acclaim from both Kerrang and DJ Mag! "Imagine a band of glamourous future-punks playing to a crowd of aliens on a distant planet with hot replicant girls striking robotic poses amidst the flash of a strobe light in a neon-lit underworld of uber-cool cbernetic ecstacy. This sounds like the best sex you've ever had."
(Salvo Magazine)

These come as recommended as the advice, "keep breathing" - checked em, loved em, grabbed em - consider yourelves tipped. Again. Fight Like Apes combine the Synth with the Sword in this heroic tale of anger, jealousy, greed and ...goblins. With an emphasis on loutish vocals, brutish bass and digital distortion Fight Like Apes are highly trained, armed and considered extremely dangerous.

...hats off to our compere for the evening! - "Hello. My name is Seymour and I like to drink. I started making a solo record by mistake, when my band fell apart for the hundredth time."

From fronting Miss Black America to the release of his debut solo album - Import/Export (R*E*P*E*A*T Records) on Monday (30th April), Seymour is in Rocklands (his spiritual home) on the Friday night, to play it live. This man likes to make you happy.

Seymour's songwriting with Open Mouth might actually be more accomplished than anything he ever did with Miss Black America. The songs I’ve heard so far distance themselves from the past, the history, and discord of yore... (Castle Keep) exacts the kind of energy that leaves you speechless for moments after" - Drowned In Sound.

Our DJs are HEARTBREAKERS (Barfly, Koko, P.O.L.E. etc) and all are invited to rock out to them for the evening
and our Very Special Guests are the increasingly legendary
WHITE MAN KAMIKAZE who round off the night, wild style...

Mark Lamarr recently played their demo Smile At The Widows and already names it one of his Top 20 Records Of All Time (listen at the myspace). NYC (fans and media alike) have also taken this band to it's heart. Artrocker and Filthy Little Angels snapped them up for recordings and compilations. It's the intense punk as fug live show... "like a gang of ASBOs doing the The Clash on karaoke" (Pulse)."pure whisky soaked trailer trash ripping up the rule book." (Smash Music) - "makes you want to pick a guitar up simply to throw it!..." "......White Man Kamikaze look, sound and play the part of everything you'd expect of a rock band." (Who's Jack Magazine).

Recently played with Pop Levi, soon to record with Strokes supremo, Gordon Raphael, and with industry starting to sniff round their cult rocking heels, it's great to have da Kamikaze on home turf.

White Man Kamikaze play Little Nan Jo Jo Loves... Festival on 5 may

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/artfulmtb

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