56 Gardner Street
Brighton, England BN1 1UN

A regular meeting for people interested in conversations about creative business, startups and technology. At a very Brighton location. With free wifi provided by http://www.adymo.com/

Official Website: http://openjuicebrighton.com

Added by james2m on December 1, 2007



Could you recycle this Upcoming event by changing the date each time a new one happens, rather than adding a new event? That'll save us resubscribing every time. (I wish Upcoming allowed recurring events...)


@nsayers, that's an idea. I'll give it a go.


Ok... I recycled this, hope it hasn't pissed anybody off?


You'd be better off making a group and adding it to the group when you post the new events. Then people can join the group and they'll see the new events automatically on their home page. Doing this you end up with people looking like they're attending an event when it was really the previous one.

Someone at Hack Day was making a repeating-event poster after I requested (read: begged for) it, but unfortunately he's working on other stuff at the moment and hasn't finished it.


if you recycle it then the rss doesn't update.. that means it won't appear on sites like sussex digital.

technically they are separately occurring events, with associated people that attend/attended and photos and comments that are meant for that specific occurrence of the event.


and also, people that follow their friends events won't be updated when i say i'm watching or attending, because i already said that.

basically, by recycling the event you encourage inaccuracies and confusion, as well as the built in marketing in upcoming being lost.


Biggest hole in Upcoming ... lack of ability to create repeated events. I will go through the thing of posting a whole bunch then. Cheers for the heads up.